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Preserving and Sailing the Historic Gaff Rigged Ice Yachts of New York's Hudson River Valley


Lake effect snow squalls moving through the Northern Catskills dissipate in the river valley.
photo Copyright Glen Burger, February, 1994
Sailing my favorite ice yacht, Spider, on the Hudson River at Germantown, NY



Current Conditions & Sailing Activity

October 2014

Refurbishing of the Rip Van Winkle is underway

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Woodstock Film Festival

Against the Wind

directed by
Tomasz Gubernat, Christopher Nostrand

"Against The Wind follows a handful of practitioners of the almost forgotten sport as they take advantage of one of the coldest winters the Hudson River Valley has seen in decades. These yachters are intent on taking full advantage of one of the deepest, longest ice sheets on the Hudson in years, knowing they might not see its like again anytime soon."

View Trailer

View Trailer

Woodstock Playhouse Friday, October 17, 2014  12 noon

Upstate Films Rhinebeck Saturday, October 18, 2014  2:15 pm


Current Conditions & Sailing Activity



Jack Frost and large ocean going tug -- Click to jump to Current Conditions and Weather Page
photo Copyright Glen Burger, February, 1994
Hudson River Sailing Activity, News, Pictures, and Weather Links

Salvage tug Atlantic Salvor (6,480 HP) breaking 24" of ice while
Jack Frost (50' LOA - 600 sq. ft.) looks for wind off North Germantown Landing

1887 Pennant Race -- (900 kilobytes)

Reprint from F.D.R. Library (Roosevelt Museum) via Brian Reid

Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant of America
1887 Photo of Racers Ready on the Line


"Ice Yachts and Ice Yachting"

H. Percy Ashley -- Rudder Magazine, 1896

colorized and annotated

"Ice-Yachting on the Hudson"

Charles H. Farnham -- Scribners Monthly, August 1881




How to Build an Ice-Yacht"

Charles H. Farnham -- Scribners Monthly, September 1881


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photo Copyright Mary Dynes
Fleet on Tivoli Bay

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