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Preserving and Sailing the Historic Gaff Rigged Ice Yachts of New York's Hudson River Valley


January 8, 2017

FDR's Ice Yacht HAWK at the Wallace Center

National Park Service -- Home of Franklin D Roosevelt

FDR Drive, Hyde Park, NY 12538

On Display December 31, 2016 -- February 4, 2017


"I enclose two copies of prints enlarged from a Kodak, showing me at the helm of the ice yacht HAWK. I suggest that you have
this framed and hung on the wall over the spars. It can be labeled 'FDR at helm of ice yacht HAWK off Roosevelt Point, 1905'."
Photo and quoted text courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, Hyde Park, New York.


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Sailable Ice is Scarce in the Hudson Valley

A warm November delayed the cooling of the bodies of water we sail here in the Hudson Valley. December has seen some brief arctic outbreaks, as well as a bit of snow that dropped the river temperature to the freezing mark, The snow has been largely erased by rain and spells of warmer weather, and the real cold has been confined to areas to our north and the mid-west. While a polar air mass will nose down across the valley tonight, by Tuesday morning we should be in a warming trend again. There are local areas including the southern extreme of South Tivoli Bay where 5 inches of ice as well as open water has been reported, but only a few small DN's have ventured out on the ice. It will take at least three days or more of 10 F nights before the ice will be declared "safe" and the larger stern steerers begin to take to the ice. There is rain in the forecast for mid-week -- perhaps some of the venues that were snowed out in New England yesterday will be the real beneficiaries of this week's weather.


The Manhasset Project

The Hudson River Ice Yacht Club has purchased the historic Buckhout built ice yacht "Manhasset" from the Scott Family and moved it from Iowa back to the Hudson Valley. The club is soliciting contributions to defray the acquisition and finance the restoration of this historic ice yacht. Donations to the project can be sent to the club at the following address:

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club
C/O John Sperr  Treasurer
PO BOX 573
Rhinebeck NY 12572-0573



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Note: new racing rules were adopted in 2015

Galatea's runner plank failed where the plank was bored for the gammon strap through some very funky wood. Rigging carried the left side runner and plank across the boat.
With no gammon strap securing the backbone, the cockpit rolled with the mast and the rim broke.
Pilot and passenger were gently ejected into the sail. No injuries were sustained.        photo Copyright Dock Shuter, Feb 2010



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